How to say “Mom (Mother) and Dad (Father)” in Japanese?

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Pronunciation in Japanese

ちちうえ(chichiue) = Father (polite, traditional)

ははうえ(hahaue) = Mother (polite, traditional)

おとうさん(お父さん/otousan) = Father

おかあさん(お母さん/okaasan) = Mother

とうさん(tousann) = Dad

かあさん(kaasan) = Mom

とうちゃん(touchan) = Dad

かあちゃん(kaachan) =Mom

パパ(papa)= Pap

ママ(mama)= Mom

おとう(otou) = Pap

おかあ(oka) = Mom

おやじ(oyaji) =Dad (old guy)

かあちゃん(kaachan) =Mom

じじい(jijii) = old guy

ばばあ(babaa) = Old lady






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