How to say “good” in Japanese?

I'm good

I’m good

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良い / よい(いい) (yoi / ii)


1) お元気ですか? / おげんきですか?(ogenkidesuka)

How are you?

元気です(いい感じです) / げんきです(いいかんじです) (genkidesu)

I’m good.

2) 夕食はどうでしたか? / ゆうしょくはどうでしたか? (yuusyokuwa doudesitaka)

How was dinner?

yuusyoku = dinner
dou = how
doudesitaka = how was

とてもおいしかったです(とてもよかったです) (totemo oisikattadesu)

Pretty good.

totemo = pretty
oisii / yoi = good



Saying good or bad directly in Japanese is rare. In most cases when asked if it was good or bad to a Japanese, you would most likely to get “it’s OK” answer. The only time a Japanese would tell you straight to your face how good/bad it was, he/she must have been extremely impressed or disturbed by the item/incident/service.

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