How to say "1 to 10 (one to ten)" in Japanese

Audio file for how to say 1 to 10 (one to ten) in Japanese

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Pronunciation and Meaning

いち (ichi) = 1

に (ni) = 2

さん (san) = 3

し (shi) よん (yon) = 4

ご(go) = 5

ろく(roku) = 6

しち (shichi) なな (nana) = 7

はち (hachi) = 8

きゅう (kyu) = 9

じゅう (jyu) = 10


Two different ways to pronounce the numbers in Japanese.

What are the difference?

し (shi) /よん (yon) = 4しち (shichi) なな (nana) = 7

漢音 (かんおん/kan on) and 和音(わおん/wa on)

Some Kanji (Chinese) characters used in Japanese can have two or more different pronunciation.

Commonly, one pronunciation sounds similar to Chinese and it is called 漢音(かんおん/kan on). This is because the Kanji characters are derived from China.

The other pronunciation is an original Japanese and this is called 和音(わおん/wa on). The way it is pronounced has no resemblance to Chinese in most cases.



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