How to say “bitch” in Japanese?

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Direct translation is mesu inu (めすいぬ/雌犬) but it literally means “female dog” (= bitch)

Bitch isn’t really used the same way in Japanese like in English BUT there are other ways to say similar thing.

1) やりまん (yariman) which actually means “slut” rather than bitch

2) このあま(kono ama)

あま/尼 = a female who joined a temple

このあまなめるなよ  konoama namerunayo

(A post about なめるなよ in case you are interested)

3) めすぶた (mesu buta) = female pig

As it is mentioned in this video

めすぶた (mesu buta) which basically means female pig so it’s like calling someone “you cow” in British English

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