How to say different kinds of Japanese noodle in Japanese


拉麺 らーめん(ra- men)


It is a noodle dish from China but over the years was integrated into Japanese cuisine. In fact, it tastes nothing like any Chinese noodle dish.

The noodle is made of flour mixed with potassium carbonate. This gives its characteristic yellow color.


うどん (Udon)


A type of noodle made of flour. White color with thick shape. According to Japanese “Wikipedia” , If the diameter is not thicker than 1.7mm, then it is not considered as Udon!!




The buckwheat noodle. Dark Gray colored noodle.


Tips on how to find a good noodle restaurant

Do not go to a noodle restaurant that serves all kinds of noodles!

らーめん(ramen) noodle is not Japanese origin. It has a completely different soup base (usually Chicken and Pork) from うどん (Udon) and そば (Soba) (usually fish base).

Thus a good らーめん(ramen) noodle restaurant does not serve the other two types of noodle and vise versa.


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