How to say “I love you” in Japanese?

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I love you



わたしは、あなたを、あいしてる(watashi wa anata wo aishiteru) = I love you


Saying I love you in Japanese may not be as easy as you think. People in Japan rarely use “I love you” even though the vocabulary for it exists.

For example, in this TV drama called “101回目のプロポーズ ” (101st Marriage Proposal) which was a huge hit back in the early 90s in Japan.

The main character tried to demonstrate that he would not die because he loved her by jumping in front a running truck that was running towards him.

Here is the famous line he said right after he almost got hit by the truck.


bokuwa shinimasen,bokuwa shinimasen, anataga suki dakara

which is translated into “I will not die, I will not die, I like you so I will not die”.

As you can see, even in such dramatic situation, he still did not say “I love you” but instead he said “I like you”.

So now you might wonder how do you say I love you in Japan? If you want to let someone know you are interested in them, it is better (and more common) to say one of the following

あなたがすきです(anata ga sukidesu)=I like you

きみがすきです(kimi ga sukidesu)=I like you

えりこさんがすきです(eriko san ga sukidesu)=I like Miss Erico


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