How to say “I love you more than I can say. ” in Japanese?

I love you more than I can say

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Please also give romaji. I can read hiragana and Katakana, also some kanji, but if you can, translate into romaji. 😀 Thanks!



watashi wa iereru yori mo daisuki desu.

watashi wa iu koto ga dekiru yori aishiteimasu.

watashi — i,me

wa — topic particle, (when used as not as particle, is pronounced as “ha”)

iereru — protential form of “iu” meaning, — to say, — to tell

iu — see above.

koto — generic noun for ‘event’, ‘matter’, ‘circumstances’.

ga — subject particle

dekiru — “can” / ability to do something; for instance ; “can” eat. potential form of a word can be see as embedded this word inside.

yori — more, than, from out of, since, other than, except, but.

mo — too, also

daisuki — like very much; love

aishiteimasu — ~masu/polite form of ‘aishiteiru’, which is a present-progressive form of ‘ai’, — love.

desu — to be, is

Note: on the second sentence, the ‘daisuki desu’ and ‘aishiteimasu’ is interchangable. same case for the ‘koto’ with the ‘no’.

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