How to say “I want / I desire” in Japanese?

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Pronunciation in Japanese

ほしい(hosii) = I want something

したい(shitai) = I want to do something

のぞむ(望む/nozomu) = I desire something



I want/I desire



くるま が ほしい(車がほしい/usotsukuno yamero kono kusoyarou)

I want a car


くるま を うんてん したい(車を運転したい/usotsukuna kono kusoyarou)

I want to drive a car


えっち(H) が したいの?(ettchi ga shitaino)

Do you want to have sex?


えいが を みたい(映画を見たい/eiga wo mitai)

I want to see a movie


いえ を かいたい(家を買いたい/ie wo kaitai)

I want to buy a house


きゅうりょう を いくら のぞみますか?(給料をいくら望みますか/kyuryou wo ikura nozomimasuka)

How much do you want for your pay check?


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