How to say “Thank you for accepting me and i look forward to meet you” in Japanese?

The sentences are for my hostfamily that have chosen me for my exchange year in Japan.


What i then want to express is thankfulness to them for accepting me and taking me into their home. The other sentence is pretty straight forward i think ๐Ÿ™‚



watashi wo ukeirete arigatou gozaimasu. sorede, kimi ni au koto wo tanoshimi ni shimasu.

watashi — i, me

wo — object target particle

ukeirete — ~te form of ukeireru, — accept, — to agree, -to receive

arigatou gozaimasu — thank you very much (too obvious lol)

sorede — and, thereupon, -because of that

kimi — casual โ€˜youโ€™ (i believe..)

ni — in, on, at, (target particle)

au — to meet

koto — generic noun of — state, — matter, — event

tanoshimi ni shimasu — polite/~masu form of tanoshimi ni suru, to look orward to (something)

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