How to say “There can be only one!” in Japanese?

the can only be one

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I recently aquired a replica of the sword of the MacLeods, as well as a replica of Connor MacLeod’s signature katana weapon.

As a martial artist and Highlander fan, I want to shoot a short tribute movie with the 2 swords, but first I want to know how to say the series catchphrase in Japanese.


hitotsu dake ga arimasu.

hitotsu — one (object)
dake — only
ga — subject marker
arimasu — (-masu form of aru) to be (non-living, inanimated object)

EDIT: the top one is “only one exist” / “there is only one”, but having the word “can” in there changes that, i believe its;

hitotsu dake ga arareru

arareru — potential form of “aru” to exist (the ability to exist)

if you are talking about a living thing, you need to use いられる (irareru)

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