How to say “we need to work this out!” in Japanese?

we need to work this out

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i was wondering how to say ‘we need to work this out!’ as though there was a mystery or a problem happening.   asnwer: my attempt would be; 私たちそれをは一緒に解決するのが必要があります。 watashitachi wa sore o issho ni kaiketsu suru no ga hitsuyou ga arimasu. watashitachi — we, us, our wa — subject marker sore — this o — object marker issho — together ni — in, on, at or Target Particle/marker kaiketsu — settlement, solution, resolution suru — to do no — possession particle ga — topic marker hitsuyou — need, require arimasu — -masu form of aru, to exist (used for inanimate objects) i can’t gaurantee this is 100% grammatically correct but in my opinion, it looks okay…>_>

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