How to say “You don’t even know English!” in Japanese?

Please explain detailed like:

Watashi wa inu desu

watashi- I

wa- particle

inu- dog

desu- am/is



this would be my attempt but require confirmation. sometimes the way you say something is not about “right or “Wrong” but more, how can it be said naturally, that being said, here it is;

omae wa eigo sae (mo) wakaranai / wakarimasen.

omae — you, sometimes can be taken as rude in japan. (according to natives)
wa — topic marker particle (the particle itself is read as “ha” but when used as a particle, reads as “wa”)
eigo — english (language)
sae — even, if only, if just, as long as
mo — also, too, as much as, even, more, other, again
wakaranai — negaitve of wakaru, to understand, to know
wakarimasen — negaitve polite ~masu form of wakaru

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