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While marriage rates in Japan have been declining overall, a growing number of Japanese women seem to be giving up on their male counterparts and dating foreign men.

So what is it about foreign guys that draws Japanese women to them? Kanae Hara at Gow Magazine writes: “Just this year, I’ve had one friend get married to an American and another to an Australian. Both of them moved overseas with their partners. They both tell me that foreigners are more expressive with their love and make them feel happy to have been born a woman.“

Hara continues by sharing 10 ways foreign guys express their affection that make their Japanese girlfriends fall head over heels. We’ve translated the list below, so be sure to take notes if you’re looking for some pointers on how to woo a Japanese girl!

1. A real proposal
“His proposal was amazing! He actually got down on one knee and, while looking straight into my eyes, said: “Will you marry me?” Then he handed me a diamond ring!” (31-years-old/Japanese, 34-year-old/English)

2. Flattering text messages
“His texts always start with ‘To the most beautiful girl in the world’. I think being able to use a phrase like that naturally is something only foreigners can do.” (26/Japanese, 29/Spain)

3. Makeup flowers
“He sends a bouquet of flowers to my apartment or work after we get in a fight. It’s embarrassing but I think it’s sweet.” (29/Japanese, 27/English)

4. Mornings just like in the movies
“On days off he makes breakfast for me while I’m still in bed and wakes me up by kissing me while saying ‘Hurry, I want to see myself in those beautiful eyes’. It’s like something from a movie scene, I never thought I’d experience it myself.” (33/Japanese, 37/French)

5. A flower for every occasion
“Our first meal together, the first time we held hands: he uses every ‘first’ we share as an opportunity to slip me a flower.” (30/Japanese, 28/Greek)

6. Leaving his love in a letter
“Since he has to leave for work early in the morning, he always leaves me a letter with a short message. I feel his love for me in his handwriting.” (28/Japanese, 26/Chinese)

7. Saying “I love you” on the phone
“He always says ‘I love you’ before hanging up the phone. I still haven’t gotten used to it and it’s embrassing.” (29/Japanese, 26/American)

8. The first and last bite
“He’s so kind, it drives me absolutely crazy for him. I was especially surprised at how he always gives me the first and last bite when we share food.” (32/Japanese, 27/Korean)

9. Eat, sleep, breathe, kiss
“He kisses my over 10 times a day while whispering words of affection. It’s just natural for him.” (36/Japanese, 32/Italian)

10. Pet names
“There are many different words to express affection in his language. Even when simply addressing me, he tenderly calls me ‘my love’ or ‘my treasure’. (34/Japanese, 38/French)

By contrast, Japanese men are known for being shy and inept at expressing their feelings to women. Therefore many Japanese women fear that dating a Japanese man will bring them a life of monotony, with no romantic proposals (some Japanese men propose by asking “will you make me miso soup for the rest of my life?”) and never once being told “I love you”.

So what do you guys and girls think? Are Japanese girls getting too worked up over cheesy romance or should Japanese guys start taking lessons before it’s too late?



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