How to say “May I see your Sake list please?” in Japanese?

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1) おさけのリストをみせていただけますか?(osakeno risutowo misete itadakemasuka)

Can you show me the sake list?

2) おさけのリストありますか?(osakenorisuto arimasuka)

Do you have a sake list?

3) なんのおさけがありますか?(nanno osakega arimasuka)

What kind of sake do you have?

4) どのおさけがおすすめですか?(dono osakega osusume desuka)

Which sake do you recommend?


Note: Beer is normally called ビール(biiru) not sake

I know not all these examples actually says “May I see your sake list” but they should help you get booze for sure 🙂


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