Naked Sushi – What Is Nyotaimori?



Considering for a country with language that doesn’t really have a word for “fuck”, Japanese sexuality is bizarre.

Why would you eat food off from someone’s naked body? Taking a shot on someone’s belly is one thing, but spending hours eating sushi on a naked Japanese woman (or non-Japanese) is quite another.

Nyotaimori is exactly what it is. Apparently there is a male version called “Nantaimori” also for girls out there who might be interested.


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Some facts to think about – source

Food laws in Japan—especially laws regarding raw food—are strict. In more and more sushi restaurants in Japan, sushi chefs are starting to wear plastic gloves when handling raw fish. And serving raw food on someone’s body isn’t sanitary: the body warms up the raw fish and salmonella can be a problem. This is why some nyotaimori events in the West have forced the human tables to chill their bodies so the fish doesn’t spoil—something that not only sounds unappetizing, but also inhuman.

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