Your request #7 |I miss you…..

I miss you

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Audio file for your request #7 – how to say I miss you in Japanese?



Pronunciation in Japanese

わたしはあなたがこいしい(私は貴方が恋しい/watashiwa anataga koishii)

じぶんのかんじょうをせつめいできない(自分の感情を説明できない/jibunno kanjyouwo setsumeidekinai)

わたしをあいしてる?(私を愛してる/ watashiwo aishiteru)

どこにいきたい?(どこに行きたい/ dokoni ikitai)

いっしょにたべたい(一緒に食べたい/ittshoni tabetai)



I miss you…..

I can’t describe my feelings.

Do you love me?

Where do you want to go?

I want to eat with you.


requested by Archi (I hope I pronounced it right)

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